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Living with mental illness during the COVID-19 outbreak - Part II

Mental health conditions are by nature isolating, and we want to keep people connected. Create your wellness plan to help you during this time.

  • Make sure you have enough medication on hand.

  • Typically prescriptions can be filled a week or so before they run out. Refill them on the first possible day, because that can buy an extra few days of lowered stress about a prescription running out and not being able to get to the drug store to fill it. 

  • Contact your pharmacy to see if they provide delivery services or if they can provide you a longer supply (such as 90 days)

  • Keep the routines that make you feel good, and try to modify the ones that you can. For example, if you typically go to the gym or fitness class, you can exercise at home.

  • Check to see if local gyms are offering online classes or trial periods for their online sessions.

  • Create a daily routine (when to get up, eat, exercise, contact friends and sleep, etc.)

  • Reach out to friends and schedule virtual hangouts.

  • Find an accountability and support buddy.

  • If you have a therapist, see if they offer telephone or video-based sessions. 

  • If you are in a peer support group, contact a peer or group facilitator, or call a warm line for support.

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